HPCSA – Professional Conduct & Ethics


The Council regulates the health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional conduct and ethical behaviour, ensuring continuing professional development, and fostering compliance with healthcare standards.

Merchant accounts: 

There are many ways to accept credit cards, without the high costs of renting a card machine. The fee range (usually between 2-5% per charge plus additional fees). To set up a merchant account and take credit cards, try these online, no equipment needed solutions:

  • ABSA Payment Pebble


  • Yoco


  • SnapScan


  • Zapper


For scheduling, admin, billing, client management software, try:

Continuing Professional Development

We offer accredited development for Health Professionals and Educators in the paediatric sector. Our workshops are instructor led and can cater to distance learning.

The DUXAH training encompasses and addresses two critical components supporting the successful management of any healthcare practice as a business.

Everything you need to simplify your CPD • Multiple choice CPD questionnaires - on-line or via SMS • CPD event attendance tracking

For note taking, try:

  • therapynotes.com for note taking, reminders, and more
  • simplepractice.com is helpful for integrated billing/credit card processing via Stripe, generate CMS1500 and superbill forms quickly, note taking and calendar.
  • timetrade.com to manage your calendar and set appointments online
  • fullslate.com to set appointments
  • officeally.com for a free software for electronic billing
  • macpractice.com is good for those who use a mac
  • A+Delphi gets good reviews for small practices for ease of billing
  • carepaths.com  is another option for a complete system for practice management.
  • therapyappointment.com is a practice management system that goes month to month, without a contract.
  • insightnotes.com  is a note-taking application for ipad users that gives you an encrypted and hipaa-compliant template that you can export as needed.
  • therascribe.com offers a full service approach to administrative needs.
  • Need more information? This blog posting:  https://tameyourpractice.com/blog/cloud-practice-management-system-reviews  offers analysis of all the software platforms and their pro and cons.
  • therapypartner.com ties all administrative processes together including scheduling, billing, automated/encrypted statements, progress notes, and complete revenue tracking.

For website design and hosting (DIY programs that are easy and fun and professional) try:

webpowertools.com (about $600) Easy to use and additional coaching available for those who need some virtual hand-holding.

therapysites.com Pay a monthly hosting fee of $59/month with no long-term contracts. They offer credit card processing, appointment requests, search engine optimization, all included.

squarespace.com New on the scene, squarespace makes it easy to get up and running with diy templates and monthly hosting for only $18/ or $26 if you want to sell product from your site.


For designers who will create a site for you, try:



Want to list your practice on an online directory?


Find contact information for colleagues and specialists, get more patients, and receive CME/CPD invites and healthcare-regulation communications.


The best way to connect with new patients and expand your practice.


Your South African Multi - Disciplinary Health Professionals Directory.


Other helpful resources:

Surveys to assess your clients’ needs: surveymonkey.com

Record a webinar: gotomeeting.com

Set up a free conference call: freeconferencecall.com

Manage a marketing campaign: contactually.com

Branding, logo design, Google adwords, social media help from: http://innovatinglab.com